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62% of Sydneysiders agree that their community news is their main source of information on local products and services.


78% of Sydneysiders agree that when they see advertisements from local businesses in their local news they feel inclined to use their services.


94% of Sydneysiders have taken some form of action after seeing an advertisement in their community news.


These are questions South Sydneysiders need answered. SouthXSouth magazine uncovers the hidden and wonderful aspects of the effervescent South Sydney region, now a major hub for creative industries, cultural activities and businesses of every flavour.

Foremost, the magazine will be focused on being addictively readable, full of irresistibly interesting stories drawn from the local community. The run on effect will be increased exposure and enhancement of local enterprise through increased public awareness.

Everything in the South Sydney space will be a subject for inclusion. Fashion, food, health and wellbeing, artistic projects, theatrical productions, community projects, pet care and local stories will fill our pages.

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